10 March 2003

Awright. (Yes, I really do say it that way.)

My current major WIP is "The Hand of Intrigue." From the looks of things--I'm into the notetaking-and-revising stage now--I'll be lengthening the 50k novel a bit. I've already decided to keep something that I'd almost decided to drop. Not only does it provide a good excuse for me to infodump on the role and restrictions and rights of Sabi'Oji, it involves a character who should be appearing in the next novel I intend to write, Hiyo.

I've decided that it might be best to "up the ante" by invoking an attack on my MC and his "master" and involving the police much sooner than originally intended. It'll give me a chance to explain more on Sabi'Oji and their rights (to investigate crimes committed against themselves and/or their Shisei). Not only that, I may put the investigators' precinct in the square with the Old Temple, where the few but determined followers of the Gods still worship--another tie-in to the next novel. It would make a strange sort of sense, and I could possibly add in a bit more about Hiyo--maybe have her return to talk to Keiki some more, expanding her discussions to include changes she hopes to either make or to encourage after her time as regent. If she ever makes it to the throne. I don't know if she'll make it that far. Well, she will, but I don't know for how long she'll BE on the throne before the right and proper heir arrives on the scene.

Of course--getting back to the present dilemma--I'll have to expand on the relationship with the investigators that develops.

Speaking of relationships, when did Jaiya decide she knew Keiki from Mage-School? Hello? I'm the author here. Why wasn't I told? This makes things a bit interesting, to say the least, but I don't know how to work it in, precisely, and I may have to drop-kick this discovery out of this novel. If I don't figure out what's going on with this "Hey-I-remember-you" thing before I finish typing in this mad revision, I'll have to can it, won't I? It should come in useful later, though, if I ever do the THIRD novel that wants to get written--and it probably will. Can't leave the throne unoccupied. At least Keiki never had a romantic thing with Jaiya, or I'd have a hell of a time with the confusion. Well, a worse hell of a time than I am now.

And Akotai and Akiro need to decide what's going on, too. I know they're identical twins, but they need to get their butts on the line and figure out who's doing what before I rip my hair out. Just when I think I've got them pinned down, they skitter around like a couple of roaches. I think Akotai's the one who's the mage. If that's so, Akiro's the one who's been fronting for the two of them, because it's in the school records that Akotai's the mage of the pair. I suspect they've been regularly switching places quite frequently, so people never get enough of a handle on one's behaviors to be able to tell them apart. I do know that Akiro thought it would be a great idea to put one of the ruler's unworthy distant relations on the throne to play puppeteer of, but Akotai, thanks to his idiotic decision to persue a woman has ruined Akiro's chance to Court and marry Barukei--in effect use him to make their wishes come true. Not that Barukei would help, but he did once love "Akotai" (Akiro). A marriage would probably have helped them get Yajadi's cousin on the throne.

Ah. I know who's doing what now, don't I? heh heh I am the Author. I have the POWER!

Huh. I'll need to use that relationship between Keiki and Jaiya beyond their disenchanting Barukei. Maybe bring her in to ward Keiki when he does his Scrying? Hmmm. It would provide an outside observer to the relationship developing between Barukei and Keiki, which will make things in that particular subplot more interesting, especially since I'm going to do my bloody best to lengthen the dilemma for Keiki. I'm going to let him fret--good idea to let him fret until he makes Barukei angry.

Because Barukei loves Keiki, after all, doesn't he? And if he sends Keiki away and Keiki is attacked and ends up right back in Barukei's home/family, then they've got to face it, after all. And what if I had Feiyao actively pushing them together even though he's Courting Barukei with complete intent to wed Barukei? LOL What if I had Keiki stumbling into Feiyao's gates? Possible, possible.

I am really starting to like this full revision. Unfortunately, the way this is going towards complication, I may need to hire the people who do the "For Dummies" books to write a "The Hand of Intrigue For Dummies" for my novel.

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