27 March 2003

Ahhh. Spent a the day at a one-day job from temp agency. The break seems to have helped. Keiki's been "recruited" by his cousin to investigate a possible illegally operating mage. Since Barukei hasn't accepted his service, he isn't bound to Barukei's agreement. Of course, Barukei's jealous and upset. I think he's privately thinking of Keiki as his Sabi'Oji now, if not something more . . . intimate.

This is going to be a major twist of the plot and will bring things down upon Keiki. This investigation will also bring to light just how much involved in the interhouse-spying business Keiki's family is. tee hee. It's going to do everything the original draft did--and then some. I'm excited again! Whee. LOL

And poor Barukei. (HAH!)

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